Recommended Doctors and Holistic Practitioners


Dr. Evelyne Llorente, M.D., Integrative Functional Medicine

Expertise: A holistic and integrative approach to medicine to promote optimum levels of health and function.

Dr. Gregory Wolf M.D., The Center for Transformational Medicine, Holistic Integrative Medicine

Expertise: Wellness and anti-aging oriented integrative internal medicine specializing in weight loss, sexual health and bioidentical hormones

Carol Schlein, Traditional Naturopath

Expertise; Spectravision: Bioenergetic balancing, allergy testing, homeoapathy

Angela Goldstein ND, The Natural Path, Naturopath

Expertise: Hormone balancing, anti-aging, detox

Wendy Purcell, MA, LMFT, Cht, Energy Psychology

Expertise: Therapy, Comprehensive tapping, PTSD

Katrina Haley, L.Ac., Access Acupuncture and Holistic Care

Expertise: Acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion (an ancient healing technique using mugwort herb to warm acupuncture points)

Dr. Steve Dryer, DC, FACO, Newport Spine and Sport

Expertise: Chiropractic, orthopedics, orthotics, sports care, nutrition and functional medicine, stress management, exercise rehabilitation, TMJ care, Injury Prevention and Ergonomic counseling

David Karaba, OMD, L.Ac, Pacific Center for Optimal Health

Expertise: Acupuncture, NAET, Emotional Release, pain management, allergies, fertility, chronic illness & autoimmune diseases

Amy “Amelia” Hardwick, M.A., PSY.D

Expertise: Acute and chronic illness, holistic and integrative psychology, nutrition, The Inner Path™, Soul Memory Discovery, The Healing Code, Total Recall Healing, Quantum Biofeedback, sound healing, tapping

Josh Milpas, Rolfer, OC Rolfing

Expertise: Re-aligning and re-balancing the body to achieve optimal performance

Lori Ariel Osborn Bennett, Massage Therapist

Expertise: Bodywork and yogic savasana practices including lymphatic drainage and ayurvedic massage, energy healing and meditation



Max Love Project

This organization partners with families and medical teams nationwide to change the odds for childhood cancer survivors, as well as for those who face/faced diseases treated in the same manner by working to build scalable, evidence-based survivorship programs.

Cancer Warrior Foundation

Sara Krish’s nonprofit organization is committed to “helping young women with cancer set their soul on fire, helping to cultivate an abundance of light in their life at a quicker pace and with a strong sisterhood at their side.”

The HeartWay

Dr. Andrea Deerheart’s integrative and comprehensive care non-profit offers creative end-of-life transition options for no charge that are not typically acknowledged in our Western medicalized approach to death.

Dominquez-Roth Foundation

Led by Dr. Marcela Dominguez, M.D., this organization provides integrative medicine education, supporting integrative cancer therapy research and development and financially assists and cares for patients who cannot otherwise afford integrative medicine. The One to One program assists those who are facing unresolved debilitating illnesses, or who are struggling with health challenges and are seeking to find a solution for ongoing health issues. To qualify, patients must have an unresolved chronic illness that requires an integrative medical approach.

Warriors With Hope

Jami Marseilles’ Warriors With Hope provides education, peer support, financial aid and guidance for amputees and cancer survivors in need of assistance to help them endure their individual battles.


Crafted by French Chef Florence Bertheau, these 100% plant-based, gluten-free vegan meals are delivered to your home in order to maintain a plant-based diet, while allowing your body to reap the benefits of nutrient-dense, healthy food.