Earth Alchemy Holistic Care
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Using Plant Medicine to Transform Your Well-Being

Over the years, Earth Alchemy Holistic Care’s growing number of compassionate caregivers have used plant medicine to help countless people, providing a strong focus on truly connecting with our patients, their families and their doctors and practitioners. Through deep listening, energetic connection, dose and strain specific cannabis protocols, nutrition counseling, lifestyle and exercise support, EAHC believes that by honoring patients with education, resources, dosing suggestions and emotional support, they have a far greater chance of successfully returning to homeostasis, which is the body’s condition of optimal functioning.

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How Can We Help? 


What We Do

We build relationships with clients and treat them the way they deserve to be treated—with compassion, honesty, transparency and kindness. Discover how our offerings intersect with your needs.


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Earth Alchemy Holistic Care’s compassionate caregivers work in unison with a community of doctors, holistic practitioners and non-profits to provide patients with the best possible outcomes.


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