Over the years, Earth Alchemy Holistic Care’s growing number of compassionate caregivers has used plant medicine to help countless people, providing a strong focus on truly connecting with our patients, their families and their doctors and holistic practitioners. Through deep listening, energetic connection, dose- and strain-specific cannabis protocols, nutrition counseling, lifestyle and exercise support, EAHC believes that by honoring patients with education, resources, dosing suggestions and emotional support, they have a far greater chance of successfully returning to homeostasis, the body’s condition of optimal functioning. EAHC is completely based on “word of mouth” and now receives referrals from UCLA Hospital Patient Services, Hoag Hospital, orthopaedic surgeons and countless other doctors and alternative medicine specialists. We aim to go above and beyond for the patients we work with, spending as much time as they need on consultations and follow ups. We believe this is the reason they stay with us and refer their loved ones.

Numerous stage 4 cancer patients have met with us after a challenging experience getting support or having their questions answered at their local dispensary. It became very clear early on that there was and continues to be a demand for more personalized attention and compassionate care for those that want to integrate a cannabis protocol into their health care regimen after being overwhelmed by a critical diagnosis.

We have always done our own processing of formulations and offer one-on-one consultations, patient care and ongoing support as needed. We build relationships with clients and treat them the way they deserve to be treated—with compassion, honesty, transparency and kindness.

As more and more research is conducted and published on the healing properties of this plant medicine, the need for quality, lab-tested products and care becomes even greater. We hope to connect with like-minded individuals who want to continue this journey with us.